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January 25, 2008

Are working tgirls bad?

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Lets be realistic, many of the tgirls are more or less involved in sex industry, be it prostitution, escorting, making sex videos, setting up web sites, web cams or a bit of everything to make money. Here’s what my friend, Mandy, who is a TS model, wrote about it at another forum.

Its all part of the sex industry, its all exploitation, they are exploiting us and we are exploiting them, anyway everybody exploits everybody else in some way so whats the difference. Its not as bad as you make it out to be. I think the laws around prostitution in this country are outrageous, and a flagrant violation of separation of church and state.

I specialize in sex, and the experience you have with me will probably be safer, cleaner (as a performer I get tested much more than a girl you would pick up at a bar, and I’m a firm believer in safe sex), and more directly what you are looking for than what you would find with a civilian.

Unless you live in Cuba, or forage for edible nuts, berries, and plants in the woods, you sell yourself for money. Its called capitalism.

If I wasn’t a sex worker, that would mean alot less smiles in this world. There is nothing pathetic about compensating me for all the hard work that goes into my time with you. But by all means, have fun prowling the tranny bars, at least you don’t have to pay for it.

In general a working tgirl is much more aware the risks posed to her health by having multiple partners, than the average girl you pick up at a bar, TS or not. Our health is also our bread and butter, so we take good care of it.


September 22, 2007

Be yourself

What i wanted to discuss today is men’s fear. I was reading this ladyboy related forum and it got me thinking that it actually takes some courage for men to go out and start looking for a ladyboy. I think it would be the best to quote the original post


If you have the feeling that a ladyboy can make you happy, you must look for a ladyboy… it’s possible that your feeling is wrong, but it’s probably that it is right… anyway you have only to try. Men lose their lives running after women, and ignoring their deepest desires. When they find the courage to admit that their interest in shemales is much more than an hobby, their lives will change radically.

Ladyboys know perfectly the male sexuality and guess with incredible speedness your desires and my fantasies … what a difference with women ! Moreover they were sweet, sexy and incredibly hot. In a t-girl you can find sweetness, tenderness, passion, empathy,complicity,friendship and all the things that you may never found in women.

Believe in your dreams! Don’t be afraid ! Sex and Love are the best thing in the life… You can’t waste your life masturbating with pics and videos … Ladyboys are fabulous lovers, and many shemales are looking for love so as you are …

By the way. I am a little worried noone is leaving comments on my posts anymore, why is that?

May 20, 2007

So many people love ladyboys!

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Hello guys, I’m glad there are so many of you who like us ladyboys!

I was a little worried that the guys who say they love asian shemales like me are gay, but in fact most of them are straight. Don’t believe me? I have found a big poll where more than 2 thousand people who love ladyboys were asked what their sexual orientation was.

Over 81% of the voters said they are straight! So don’t be afraid to love us ladyboys! We feel ourselves women and so do many guys who love us!

I wish You to find a ladyboy of your dream!

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